Behind: Gannaway photography - No Rivals

Behind: Gannaway photography

My name is Elijah Gannaway, i make photography, films, poetry, and if I really feel it music but right now photography and film are my main two

I started photography and my first short film  in the top of the 2018.

I try to take the human experience as a journey and I like to convey emotion through my pictures and I love seeing a story come together from script to post edit. I just wanna see people happy and live their lives so I try my best to make pieces of art that put a smile on peoples faces, spark a conversation, or just invoke awe. There is no better feeling really than that. I think the reason you make art changes the outcome completely 

I’m excited for some gnarly short films (some really soon) and some fun photo projects with a lot of friends. Graduating BSU in may so gotta lot of choices to make

Elijah Gannaway 

@gannawayphotography on insta

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