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Behind- Divine Lotus

Get behind the scenes of Divine Lotus & Ceo/Creative Director John Edget


Who are you/where are you from

 – I am John Edget, I’m a self taught Fashion Designer from Grenada, Mississippi. 

  1. What do you make-
  •  I make luxury street wear & Anything I could possibly see myself creating. 


What Was The Start Of Your Brand?

The brand is something I created when I was in the possibly the worst part of my life, & it helped me find the old me who was creative & happy. A youthful me.  I always seemed to love bright colors & had this nostalgic feeling always. I loved being free & a kid so I thought why not put it into a brand that’s free spirited. Major inspirational artist that helped me visually just by seeing their brands were people like Blu Boy of WNTD, JoeFreshgoods, Pyer Moss, & the brand of Chinatown market.  


I had a great idea and a vision, but mentally I was going through a ruff time with myself & trying to figure out who & what I wanted to be and do with my life. It took me almost a year & half to physically learn what I needed to do and have. I did not want to start a brand off the strength of making money, but to actually sell a piece with meaning & a story behind it. Not something I would sell and not even wear myself.


Who/ what does your brand represent 

  •  It represents everyone who has been through a tuff time in life, but always try to be a positive light in everyone’s life. The ones who are in the worst situations possible,  rise above it to get to success.


What would you say is your brand staple? 


  • Mostly various patterns, always a different color scheme, multiple colors if I can put it into the design. I try to make it as urban but to an extent give off a fun or youthful feeling. Jackets for the winter will be very authentic. Two tone color ways. The lotus will be in different shapes, because I never wanted the brand to be one stapled look. 


What does your brand platform hope to achieve?


– I plan to host some events in the upcoming year for kids & some for entrepreneurs of all sorts to come together & speak on their battles & show everyone that everyone can be an artist, designer or whatever artistic skill they have they can become successful & achieve the goals they want. 


You have a collection coming soon, what are some inspirations behind the collection?

  • Black lives matter will be rooted into the collection deeply. The world seems to speak about the problem everyday, but little is being changed. Halloween & different cartoon characters designed by the brand will be shown. I’m trying to incorporate the good memories and things I did as a child into the scheme of the designs. 


Any interesting stories behind the scenes?

  • I have a child that will be born in the next month or so, so I am trying to prepare for that & it brings a happy feeling or if most want to say a kiddy feeling to me when I think or design. Kids have the most imaginative minds & it just brings me back to where I started creating.


When can readers expect the drop? 

  •  mid September the official collection should be released. A few pieces will be released early but, fully it will be mid September.


Where can readers find you? 

my personal Instagram is @J.edget where you can see me working on certain pieces early. 

The brand IG is @divine.lotus.apparel / Twitter is @Divine!otus3


Special Offer for readers- 

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