Behind Delapse - No Rivals

Behind Delapse

Get to know Delapse, the UK rapper ready to make waves

  1. Who are you ?


 A-   “My artist name is Delapse”


  1. What do you make? –


A-  I make UK Rap music 


  1. What would you say is your unique style? –


A-  My focus is on lyrical content and I believe that makes me stand out. 


  1. What are some things you accomplished in 2019?-


A-     In 2019 I have started a weekly freestyle series in which I take UK rap instrumentals and do my own version of them. 


  1. Where can readers find you? –


A-    If you would like to hear my music or find about more about me you can search for me on all socials with the handle @delapse


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