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Behind Deads Denizin

My name is Deads Denizin. I am a 17y/o musician & creative based in Oakland county michigan. 


Where did you get the name Denizin? 


I got the name denizin while at one of my lower points in life around 2018-2019.

I’ve always had a very strong connection with the dead and the spiritual realm. I can always hear them whispering and see the lost souls & through the majority of my life I’ve always been quiet and lonely but when i feel their presence it makes me feel comfortable & less lonely so being a denizen to the dead just fits me as a person. 


As a creative it’s often hard to label yourself as one thing – what all do you create?


I do have a hard time focusing on one label as a creative but I create written stories,drawings, paintings(occasionally), & music of course.


When did you start?


I started making music when I was around 11 and 12 years old but never put out any music until i reached the age of 15 .


What’s your unique style?


What makes me different, especially in my area is my versatility in the genres i take on. When i make music i don’t care what type of beat it is. It could be rap, synth, rave, trap, metal, etc and as long as i feel it, I’ll be able to make it into something amazing. Living in michigan & being around detroit rappers, it’s a lot of the same styles of rap so you dont find too many alternative styles .


Any projects recent or future you’re excited about?


The next project im working on is going to have more to do with story telling. That comes next year but i plan on writing a book in the form of songs throughout 2021.


You have an upcoming project on the way, tell us more about the work


This last project I have of the year is coming 12/20. It’s an EP with four songs titled “nostalgia”. The reason for the title is that each song is related to memories that i can most vividly remember. This EP also shows who i was, who i am, and who i am working to be .


How long has it been in the making?


They were all made around mid to late summer up until october, although “atmosphere” is one of my most recent songs i have been working on but the majority of the songs were made in that time period.


Who designed the coverart? How did you get the vision for it? What’s it mean? Any hidden details ?


I designed the cover art myself.

I wanted the cover to be a picture of a memory that correlated to the songs & the meaning of the project which was to show my growth. One hidden detail is the memory. Earlier I stated my reason for my name denizin and that picture shows the walk I was on when everything started changing and I was led in a different direction.


   What’s the overall vibe of the project- what can the listener expect?


The overall vibe is meant to be hypnotic & put the listener in a trance. The listener can expect to hear Dark, hypnotic, calming, comfortable & uncomfortable sounds.


When can we expect the drop?


Sunday, December 20th


Where can readers find you?



No Rivals

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