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Behind Constant L Burts

I go by Constant L. Burts I’m from the south side of Chicago Illinois.

When people ask me who is constant L. Burt’s first and foremost I am a father, I am a son, A brother and just a down-to-earth normal guy like everyone else. 


What do you make?


 I make music for The underdogs. I spend 

majority of my time being that guy who was desperate for a shot. I know what that feeling feels like. I made it a mission to make songs for people like me. Not heard often. The black sheep. The least favorite.


When did you start/ how long?


 I started doing music seriously when I was around 12. It became a hobby. A lot of people around me were doing it so I figured why not. I can honestly say from the start I didn’t have a mentality of breaking into the industry, it was just something that I did that kept me from bouncing off the wall. As I got older the more I learned the more I opened my mind and started exploring different sounds. It became an addiction. By the age of 16 I was disciplining myself on learning the business and also to start marketing and advertising myself as an artist.


What makes you different/ what’s your unique style?


To be honest I don’t know what makes me different or my style unique. That’s something I like to leave up to my supporters to speak for me on. I can only be myself if being myself makes me stand out from any other musician then I believe I am on the right path. 


Any projects recent or future you’re excited about

Yes I am currently working on a EP title one step at a Time. I just released my last single not too long ago do you produced by Mike Garcia aka Mike G.

and the one before that I release is called am I next featuring sambo Rambo.


Where can readers find you?

All my music can be found on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple music Tidal, YouTube, tick tock and more.


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