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Behind Chloe Rain

Get behind the art with Chloe Rain

– what is your musical style? 

I’ve always struggled to label my sound because i truly do feel as though i’ve created my own sound, but the closest style is probably alternative r&b

-how did your recent collaboration w Kyng Kilo on “Unfair” come to be?

one of his posts got retweeted onto my timeline, so i hit him up and was like your music is fire let me know if you ever wanna work and from there he said he was down, and i sent over unfair

– what inspired the track? 

I honestly haven’t had the best luck in life, and i just heard the production and the first thing that came to mind was so unfair so unfair to me, and from there i elaborated info how life’s unfair, how love is unfair, how unfair this whole life thing can be.

-what are some cool details behind the track? 

I had three other people who were suppose to do the track, but they never came through, then i came across him and i knew why everyone else never was successful.

On all my other songs i’ve started with verses then gotten to the chorus, this time i started with the chorus.

– how has the reaction to the project been?

The reaction to the project has been all good so far, it got played on a radio station, and has increased my supporters by a lot!

– what’s one thing you want listeners to take from the track? 

That life happens, and you can either dwell on it or grow from it. i wrote this song and then worked on myself so that come time to drop it i was able to drop it and help others have the support i wish i had at that time in my life.

– what’s next (together or individually) 

i know we would both love to work together again, but as of now I usr released my debut album “Unfair” featuring our track “Unfair”.

– where can readers find you?

You can stream our new song Unfair on all major streaming platforms as well as any of my other music, just search Chloe Rain!  (Amazon music, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Soundcloud,Spotify, Tidal, and Youtube).


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