Behind : Cam - No Rivals

Behind : Cam

My name is Cameron Reed.

I’m an 18 year old photographer outta Houston,Texas and I would say that my work is the most unique and rawest you will find. I started photography about a year ago, I used to make videos, but then I got tired and focused on photos. I really never got any support and it wasn’t because my photos were bad, but people didn’t just see me doing it, and I had to overcome a lot of doubt and negativity from others to make it where I am today. I shoot everything. I most do fashion, that is where I want to be if I can make it the the photography business. If not I wanna direct movies. I’m just myself no matter if anyone likes me or not, I’m always gonna be me. I will shoot what I feel like shooting and I will give you nothing, but my best photos to show for it. I never try to be anyone else, but I do study and observe greats like Gunnerstahl and Rayscorruptedmind those who are prominent names in the photography business. I want to inspire people with my work and let people know if I can do it so can you. Also block out negativity and haters, and live life to make you and those around you happy.

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