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Behind Calcknowledge

I go by Calcknowledge.

Calc being short for calculator meaning you can count on me for anything. The knowledge part comes from me providing knowledge to the world.

I’m an artist now. I began trying to change the world by mentoring, social media skits and giving advice to my peers.

I’ve been rapping for two years now.

I started rapping because I realized that the easiest way to reach the youth is through music. I never really sat out to become a rapper per-say moreso to capture the attention of people to change the world.

I don’t curse or degrade women in my music & that alone makes me standout. I actually don’t curse in real life that’s why it’s no cursing in my music. I believe that as a human you can’t ask anyone to not indulge in something you yourself are doing.

I’m very excited about my upcoming project in which drops in October of this year.

I can’t wait to let the world hear how much I have grown as an artist as well as letting the people hear the dope features on the album.

I can be found on all social platforms @Calcknowledge

Thanks for reading- Album Releases late October!

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