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Behind Cain v2

I’m Cain straight drop A1 Yola raw no remix or cut this purest form me Ace Mccain rebranded to Cain I am houston that’s my home Texans stick together No person before the other…I am the creative genius,  im behind most brands you see today been playing behind the scenes now it’s time to come out with Jason mask and chain saw. It’s Cain’s revenged. I do it all besides making beats and gfx which I’m currently learning and in the works I’m a power house and the plug but I will cut your connection if you snakes


I make Mona Lisa art I’m that car that never depreciation with value in the blessing that keep blessing I make pain and amens to get you through those times soul pain gone be its on genre eventually Cain get you through those times and make you feel good with a mix of Trill I’m no other there will be no other Cain I’m creative with too many talents don’t put me in box when I think Outside it all 


I started 7/7/17 as Cain that’s why the 7 so important to me besides being a recommendation or quote of my upbringings or community the number has so much meaning to everything I do manifestation as a whole Cain is heaven and hell cause that’s what my life always been god take you through Hell just to let you taste Heaven I’ve been at this since a kid but learn the game later on 


 I never have to write if I don’t feel like all of this is from the heart things we actually survived to speak about not you studio rappers rapping what we lived my thoughts used to get crowded up so I formatted my orange print ( blue print ) don’t steal my shit orange print is the Cain method my style is unorthodox you just have to be in my presents to witness it truely a vision like my third eye 


Got a few projects coming like my long awaited “ Cainseason “ & “ 7 “ project as well the casino series I got with united and screwed coming to end once we drop the 4th installment this year. Also me and Larry Kush got collaboration projects coming music with Gyle and redscalemag camp also my CwCmf agency projects we’ve been marinating own to cook up the right recipes for y’all definitely should be excited and of course some special features and moves in the vault gotta keep your 3rd eye open when you watching Cain 


Find me on anything search : Ace Mccain or Cain social media 

Twitter : @itsacemccain 

IG: Cainvstheworld 

Sc : cainforpress

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