Behind: BL1FE - No Rivals

Behind: BL1FE

My name is B-L1FE. I was born and raised in Muncie, IN and now reside in the Houston area. I’m 27. Been down here for close to 4 years. I stand for everything that the industry and music doesn’t. They want hate I want love. They want war I want peace. My name stands for alot. Especially the 1. B-L1FE means you only have one shot to live and be a good person. So go and do it. Be it.
I make everything but beats. I rap, audio engineer, DJ, graphic design, photograph, video edit from AMVs to music videos, animate, curate, promote. I feel we limit ourselves. Sometimes clients hit me up asking for something idk how to do so I go and teach myself. Can’t let the bag walk away cuz you are afraid to learn.
Every craft of mine has a different start point. My main thing is being a musician. I started writing structured songs at 12. At 17 I was the lead of a metal band. At 19, I started rapping and signed with a record label out of Marion, IN. Unfortunately the fine print made it to where from 21 to 26 I couldn’t create anything. Once the time table on the contract expired, B-L1FE emerged last year. New stage name new everything. So I’ve been in this business a long time but everything people are seeing is only from July of last year.
When it comes to design and visuals, the fact I don’t have a style is what sets me apart. Most designers have their one go to look. I just make whatever you see come true. I also went to college for design though. When it comes to music, it is the beat selection and the blending of genres, not only with metal screams, but also songs that may be considered more alternative rock than hip-hop. I don’t view any lane but my own. Album’s by mainstream artists don’t influence me. I just create. That’s the key. Just be yourself. People waste their chances watching others progress.
My Sophomore album 6/6/6 just dropped on the 30th of June and it was a breakthrough for me quality wise and as an artist. Its available everywhere but SoundCloud. You cannot find me on SoundCloud due to piracy issues. It’s a personal opinion. I have alot in the works to finish 2019 but not another full album. 2020 im starting with my third album, The third album is going to be titled “Astronaut Vibes” and I have already secured features from artists like Mark Battles, and production from big names like ITrez who produced “Cut It”. Im still very plugged in in the Midwest. There are more big names but those 2 are an honor to work with and know. For 2019, expect more on the graphics and clothing side along with some dual EPs.
Go anywhere but SoundCloud and type B-L1FE. Honestly just Google me and on the first 20 pages im all you will find. Or readers can visit my website lifewitha1 . Com or my brands page @SupportArt100 or it’s site SvpportArt . Com

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