Behind : Art - No Rivals

Behind : Art

Who is Art ?? Soundcloud artist to walking runways to being in magazines, who is art ?? South Texas artist & when I’m talking south Texas I’m talking the deepest part of Texas right next to Mexico, people refer it to as texico !! Been making music since 2016 straight dropping tracks after tracks, I would say I’ve mastered my sound now due to always having a chill melody & mellow vibes. I’ve learned how to perfect my melodies more to make my sounds sound cleaner, smoother, better everything tbh. Started making music due to the fact of always being in the studio with my people, they finally wanted me to hop in the studio with em, & when I finally did I didn’t wanna sound like everyone else, so I came in with a chill vibe but on hard mellow beats with bass that still bumps hard on speakers. Even though I want to work more on singing, to become the next drizzy drake of my generation with those oh wow type of flows on mellow ass beats, & time is a toll that were eventually get there. My team does play a big role in everything I do, always supporting me making sure I don’t give up & keep chasing the dream we all dream of, and even though I get booked by myself for shows at times, also fashion events, the team is always by my side, so big shout out to AquaLean, which is Zalean, Angle Barr, Lil Gucci, & Livin. The main people that’s been through the whole journey from the start to finish with me. 2018 ended well by meeting a whole bunch of new artist I got light too, abunch of creative directors, designers, to even people that write books, ending it with multiple modeling bookings as well. To 2019 starting off by dropping Art Gallery 2 which was my first album I’ve released on every music platform that meant a lot to me from just being on SoundCloud to being everywhere. I was already on every music platform but just with features, Art Gallery 2 was all me that did that so it was some big to start the year off like that, which hella people did acknowledge the tape & im proud of as well. To also getting a bigbabygucci on one of my songs, to multiple other artist all over the world, to Scotland, to New York to LA. My new tape “WHOO” dropping very soon, with only 2 features, multiple g producers, & just hella popstar vibes which will be everywhere as well.

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