Behind: Amenta - No Rivals

Behind: Amenta

The names Amenta. I will only accept that name or Eloshia, a name I made up for myself that has personal meaning. 

The idea or spark i got to start to making music started around 2015 to 2016. For years I didn’t even like rap cause all I heard was “pussy” and “nigga” but now im doing the same thing haha. Now I understand the feeling as a collective. I believe myself to be pretty different because my sound is my sound. It could only really be described as my artist name. Im currently trying to work around fusing my singing style with usual rap to have a harder impact and truly describe myself more.

Some things i’m excited about are how much my mind is progressing philosophically as i live because i try to get myself in different situations just to get a new creative sense that spits out of me, terribly good or terribly bad.

If anyone wants to see more from me you can find me on Twit: amentaaaa , Ig: vithesvm , or my email [email protected]

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