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Behind Alex Goodeaux

Hello my name is Alex Goodeaux owner of The Local Shooter and AWSMUSA

I am a clothing designer, currently my brand is on hold cause I also run my blog the local shooter which is a platform for underground artist  to give them the exposure they deserve!

I’ve been working on both these for the last two years. I had the opportunity to be back in America again and decided to do something useful, so I started designing which eventually built up my fan base and started making connections in the music industry to a point where I was able to start my own thing and really started learning the ropes.

I believe I’m different from other brands and blogs coming up because I’m not bias. I don’t go for popularity but actual talent. I’d say my unique style is the way i write my interview and articles it’s very eye catching and it’s all the same format so you’re able to point it out from miles away

I’m working on a new vlog for the show that the local shooter is presenting called “The Mixer #5” which is on 03.20.20 and also just working on making a hard copy magazine for the local shooter that contains some of my favorite interviews and art from locals.

People can find me on twitter and Instagram both have the same handles @underalexcover + @TheLocalShooter

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