Behind: Ace Mccain - No Rivals

Behind: Ace Mccain

All started from the “ 7 “ or 1700 which most know as Greenspoint aka guns point where if you really from the seven and make it out the seven it’s a real blessing. Most don’t make it young, we survived.

Not too many of us survive so it’s a celebration for all of us.  Coming up we had to get something out of nothing always, so having nothing is not the end of the world to me. Battling myself,depression, and other obstacles you couldn’t possibly imagine. From surviving 10+ life changing car crashes .to the world starting to know your name for doing what you love,and putting on different creatives and brands in different type of ways. After I almost OD ( overdosed ) off pouring up too much mud I had to kick the cup. It was messing up my focus and goals adding more unnecessary trials and tribulations in this crazy world. Still fuck Donald trump till I’m gone. Kao life the 7 way Cain is a mystery you never know what you might get. or what I’m getting myself into behind the scenes. You learn to move like a ninja when you have  been through hell and back.  I could write a book called “Taste of Heaven” cause I never be close, always been hard upbringings and that’s what molded us to soldiers.

Cain has an untitled collaboration tape dropping soon, and will be on tour in the Texas area April 24th-May 5th.

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