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Behind 2times

 My name is 2Times ( Rockstar2x)


What do you make :

I make moshpit trap music. 


When did you start :

I’ve always rapped here & there during highschool and allat. I really started taking in serious I would say at the end of 2019. Really focusing on becoming a artist. 


What makes me different :

I try to bring a lot of energy to my songs and to the studio period. I’ve always been the hyper , High energy one whatever I went & I started transitioning that into the music. I got a coupe other hidden talents but they see that later this year. My switch up is crazy because when I first started doing music , I was singing and doing melodies so to be on the complete other end of the spectrum now is something I’m going to have fun going back & forth with. 


Recent & future works ;

January 2020 I dropped my first ep “ ROCKSTAR2X “ on SoundCloud and was real happy with the results of that given I didn’t really have a name or platform coming into the game so that was a good feeling. I’m looking to keep going and drop at least 2 more projects & a lot of visuals before the year is over with. 


Readers can find me : on Instagram @Rockstar2x

Twitter @senseitsunami 

& SoundCloud @rockstar2x


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