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Behind 2k

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  1. Who are you ?


 A-   “ My name is Edgar Rivera but most people call me 2k now. Im 19 years old & i figured out how to defeat the system”


  1. What do you make? –


A-  I make clothes, music, shoot pictures & film movies. ive been altering my clothes, filming skate videos & designing since a young bull. I took it more seriously when I realized my passion could also be my career.



  1. What would you say is your unique style? –


A- Everyone has their own unique style, obviously they are influenced by their idols. I want to be the idol, not the one being influenced by others, so when it comes to the way I dress, I incorporate a mix of my construction drip with my street clothes. My sound is on another wave because my music is influenced by various artists from the new era mixed with the old era. I study artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Shoreline Mafia, MF DOOM, A$AP Mob, John Lennon, Qdafool, Rex Orange County, Lil Gray, Tyler the Creator etc.  


  1. What are some things you accomplished in 2019?-


A-    Mid 2019 i dropped my first collection. I was new to the game so I did zero promotion for it & it somehow still sold out. I traveled to Aspen, Miami, & San Antonio to remodel hotels but i got some dope film from those trips. I filmed my first music video in San Antonio actually so stay in tune for that. I linked up with Slimedollaz in SC & ngeeyl in NY to do some promo for my slimeball’s bandanas. shoutout MIRINC. 


  1. What’s in store for 2020?-


A-   I used 2019 to brainstorm how i want to move. 2020 is all about execution. Im making ideas come to life & working 10x harder. Im dropping a solo tape. ‘369’ & a movie covering everything that went down in 2019.


  1. Where can readers find you? –


A-    Instagram / @2kmatrix : Twitter / @edgaraintshit


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