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Lessons learned from astroworld for the independent creative 

Astroworld was one of ,if not the most, popular & quality bodies of work to be released in 2019. This project took Travis Scott to a new level, & were here to break down some of the lessons you can take from the project to add to your career.


In this write up, we will cover 

*Patient Products Win

*Build an experience

*Make Secondary Content

*Album Bundling


Lets get into it..


Tip 1

You Cant Rush Art

Travis, like many artists in the industry, are constantly pressured to drop new work quicker than it can be made. With fan pressure for astroworld coming in for two years before the finished album would be released & almost immediately after the release, fans were already asking for more! To which he replied, 

“I’m in no rush frankly, but Im taking my time to come up with the next album” 

Taking notes? 

The more time, energy, and effort you place into a project the greater the end product.


Tip 2

Create An Experience

Astroworld was more than a body of musical work. 

Travis & his team are masters at creating experiences surrounding creative work that work to take the music itself to new heights. 

From exclusive merch releases, movie like music videos, next level performance experiences, and the creation of the self titled “Astroworld Festival”. 

The music acted as a foundation for an expansive campaign that created an experience no fan will forget. 



Follow Up With Content 

 Speaking of videos, when the “Sicko Mode” video released, I watched it at least 50 times in a week, then the “Stop trying to be god “ video dropped & I did the same thing,then “Yosemite”, you get what Im saying. 

 The point is not that you have to spend all your money on videos, the point is to create content that supports your music, & adds to the listening experience. 


Bundle Baby Bundle

Remember when Nikki Minaj freaked out about losing to “Astroworld” sales due to Travs use of merch/album bundling (while using the same tool herself just not as successfully)?

This is something that anyone can do to get more promotion for projects , get more streams & sales, & also get an additional stream of income from creative work. 


Interested in merch bundling or creating a campaign around your next project? Click here to see how we can help!


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