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Get familiar with Art. With multiple tapes, modeling gigs, & shows under his belt in 2019, he is ready to take 2020 by storm.

  1. Who are you ?


 A-   “Yungmasterart but i go by Art, Artist, Model ! 


  1. What do you make? –


A-  constantly making music, dropped multiple singles for years, 2 tapes on every music platform from 2019, & stepping into 2020 with another big album with producers from Neilaworld, Fish & other g ass underground artist! 


  1. What would you say is your unique style? –


A-   I’m more of just a singer a artist that create in multiple ways,&  spread love like no other when it comes to people I heavily fuck with. My style in music is on some melodies, chill mellow trap shit if people ain’t heard it already, I say I’m an underground drizzy drake due to music featuring stories about females using me, abusing the way I spend on them & the things I do for them, for real. 


  1. What are some things you accomplished in 2019?-


A-     2019 was a big year for me one of the biggest I’ve ever had, to traveling everywhere & being booked for 5 months straight, to having big features on songs I dropped, to being featured in a big local magazine in my city, to walking multiple fashion shows back to back; walking for hot topic & H&M & Guess as well, that was really big for me. Ending 2019 with a signed modeling agency, to make things bigger when it comes to modeling big shout out my agency #Abeautifulmodelagencygroup ! Shout out my Label as well #AquaLeanRecords for always being there through everything also. 


  1. What’s in store for 2020?-


A-   Hopefully a lil tour after my tape drops getting everything set up right this time, no more delays or set backs 2020, plus multiple fashion events due to my agency hopefully walking for bigger brands & bigger artist & working with bigger designers to designers like Absent & Ryder as well.

I met a lot of people 2019 that didn’t stay true throughout the year or showed hella fake love so 2020 I just need the right people around me to create harder, go harder & stunt harder, learned abunch 2019 to use all that for 2020. 


  1. Where can readers find you? –


A-    everywhere on twitter & Instagram @yungmasterart music everywhere too iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud @ artalkf

Check out his new album “Rehab” & check out merch for the tape here No Rivals X Art merch


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