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Behind: The Music Coach

Meet Shaheim Kellum, otherwise known as the Music Artists Coach. As a coach, he focuses on helping independent artists, teaching them how to manage themselves, leverage careers, & negotiating contracts. Essentially pushing artists to focus on three things, brand, product & hustle. Building who they are, building productive habits, showing them how to build their fan base, & covering marketing strategies. His goal is to aid in turning you into a high caliber artist. Initially finding love for music as a part of his high school band, he didn’t see a career in music in the cards. 


After pursuing veterinary science in high school, the Brooklyn, New York native was off to college to study business management. While incorporating music as a hobby, he was introduced to a friend who was rapping at the time. This encounter eventually turned into an offer to run a record label. He began to take the craft more seriously, studying the industry from the ground up. Due to his timing in the industry, Shaheim was able to watch, learn from, & master the changes coming from the industry during the switch from physical CDs & albums to modern & digital streaming. 


Being big on entrepreneurship and the art of doing what you want to do instead of a job, his focus became to serve as many artists as possible. His start in coaching came in the form of a basketball injury. While suffering from a season-ending knee injury, rather than mope or quit the game altogether, he decided to stick around as a team manager. Studying the sport from the sidelines, he went on to become an assistant coach. There he found out that he had a knack for learning & teaching. From there on, the basketball coach went on to translate that ability to earn his current title, The Music Coach. With a longing to incorporate his love for music with his knowledge of coaching, he has gone on to help countless dozens of artists take their career to the next level through applying principles of business to music. 


He began his journey into music coaching in 2005, focusing on indies for a few years, then transitioning to more prominent labels, to grow his network as well as base of knowledge. Shaheim then went on to start his own business- Cynclar Entreprise. Eventually, the opportunity to merge companies (with Sequence Entertainment Group) to build one of the biggest, most innovative service music companies (C&C Entertainment Firm). Positioning themselves to be of help to both record labels as well as artists. 


Roughly 5 years later, he went on to start the music coach program via Twitter and a blog, with the vision of sharing behind the scenes processes & how the industry works. Shaheim is proudly self-taught on the subject. Every strategy he shares has been tried and true, done by him for himself, or other creatives. In his career, he has had opportunities to consult, speak on panels, as well as to host seminars & summits. As a coach, he focuses on; working with people worldwide with 1 on 1 coaching sessions diving into who the artist is, laying out goals, and developing their mindset. He seeks to prepare artists for unexpected roadblocks that they face when coming into the industry. Additonally, he aligns artists with measurable goals, provides motivation, and, most importantly, holds the artist accountable. He stresses, “The smallest task will move the needle forward.” You can see more from The Music Coach on twitter & Facebook: @theMACoach or IG @shaheimbk 


You can get his free music coaching ebook “25 Music Coach Tips for Independent Artists” here. His next book, “No Record Label Needed (50 Things Independent Artists should do to get out of their own way, leverage their career and negotiate on their own terms), will be available for Winter 2020 on Amazon. You can also get free coaching for your music career from Shaheim through his website 


“Be a voice, not an echo. Your voice matters. Be a leader, follow yourself once you believe that sky’s the limit.” – Shaheim


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