2020 vision - Bad Bizz - No Rivals

2020 vision – Bad Bizz

I’m bad bizz & I make alternative/hip hop  music


There’s not a lot of people, especially around my area that seem to make the same type of music as me. A lot of my writing comes from struggles and is just me getting things off my chest, but i like to use different beats than your typical rap/hip hop artist. I’ve got some more rap centric stuff that’s getting worked on and should be releasing soon. I want to show people that i can do both as am not limited to just the alternative style 

In 2019 I released my first song and did my first live performance at the underground waves show in the summer and that was 2 huge milestones for myself since I’m pretty new to actually recording music, in the past I’ve always just wrote and this past year i actually did something with it that i can mark off my bucket list and help get some experience under my belt for things to come in the future

I’ll be releasing my first ep soon plenty more shows and first album will be put out by the end of next year. Also want to extend my music to more streaming platforms to give more people access to my passion


You can find me on sound cloud @BAD BIZz  and on Instagram @bad._bizz._


No Rivals Records




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