2020 C+ - No Rivals

2020 C+

I’m C+ an artsit Located in Lawrence IN


What do you make?


  1. Instead of rapper I say I’m an artist cause I dont only rap, i’m a singer and a songwriter as well. I have songs that I even wrote the notes for singers. 


What makes you different/ what’s your unique style?


  1. To go off of my last answer I’m very unique cause 90% of my songs dont sound the same. As I’ve made different styles I’ve met new people and it’s a great feeling to connect and network with other artist/ creators from around the world. 


What are some things you accomplished in 2019?


  1. In 2019 I put out my first mixtape “Mixed Emotions” on all platforms. The tape was directed on having every feeling possible within the tape. After the tape dropped my song “Taking Off the Mask” Was placed on @TrendCityRadio and went #1 in 2 weeks and was #1 for 2 weeks. 


What’s in store for 2020


  1. In 2020 I have 2 colab EP’s to be Announced, My first Album “Milisouous” Also a whole new group that is to be Announced. I’m tryna make 2020 a huge stepping stone. 


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No Rivals

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